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Cecil’s Hunter Hunted. Tough Consequences for his Family

All the outrage that this dentist from Minnesota has created with his despicable action is perfectly understandable. In this enlighten era it is just great to see how many people care about the meaning of life and the respect to all living things.

I accept that people like this dentist must change for the good because it’s more than apparent that they don’t fit anymore in our society. But what about his family?

Reading the dozens of publications I concluded that this man lied, he perfectly knew that this lion was Cecil and he wanted that trophy, no matter what, my perception. He tried to fool everyone, he bait Cecil out of the preserve to then hunt the iconic and majestic animal he would never be able to have legally.

But he didn’t stop there, Cecil’s corpse was treated with complete disrespect for life and even for death. Cecil was skinned and his head was teared off. After the despicable action, this man ran away and hid, he didn’t face his actions with the Zimbabwe government. He’s even upset because no one believes his story. What was he expecting? If he was honest, he would show up with the Zimbabwe government.

This was not the first time this man have broken law to get the trophy he wants, in the past he was pleaded to making a false statement to the US Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the precise 2AE845F200000578-3177303-image-a-13_1438096455432location where he killed a black bear. He was placed on probation and fined $2,939 dollars after it was found that he was not licensed to kill the bear in that particular area.

These are the facts and the story of a man that faces life with dishonesty, thinking that he can fool everyone, and then fix things with money and corruption.

But at this point this dentist is the least important, what matters is what he has done to his family. He is the father of two… What kind of example is this man giving to his kids? What kind of hell are those two kids living due to the extreme selfishness of their father? This is a father who lies, even to the authorities, this is a corrupted man, so what are these kids learning from him? Are they learning to kill and lie? Are the kids learning to disrespect life and living beings? Are they learning corruption from their father? Does this man know that these kind of childhood experiences might lead to a psychopath behavior when these kids reach adulthood?

I don’t know this man’s kids, nor their ages, but I don’t want to imagine the hell they could be living at school if they are attending any school right now. And anyway, what will be expecting these kids in terms of bullying; they have become “the kids of Cecil’s killer, the illegal hunter hunted by the Zimbabwe’s government and hated by thousands if not millions”. It doesn’t matter if they agree their father’s behavior or not. They have a tough way to come.

And what about his wife? If he has any, what is this woman going through with her kids right now? Her life has changed drastically! Is she going to afford all this? Can a mother sacrifice her kids for the sake of a coward and egocentric father? Mostly considering this is not the consequence of an accident but of the selfishness, and stubbornness of a man with a huge ego and his will to satisfy it at any price. I wonder if this man knows the meaning of love.

People question his practice in the social media, and I think they are right, we are talking about a dentist who lies and who steps onto the laws to satisfy his ego. Just check at his profile, his actions tell so much about him. If he finds it easy to lie, perhaps he lies to his patients. How much trust can patients expect from him? We are talking about health, this can’t be disregarded. I wouldn’t take that risk, there are way too many dentist in this country to take a risk with someone who openly shows he can’t be trusted.

I really feel sorry for this man’s wife and his kids, I wouldn’t like to be in their position right now. I don’t know what they are going through, and I don’t envy them. What I know is that I support the initiatives to hunt this hunter, and to make him face his actions’ consequences with the Zimbabwe government. Let’s hope this man’s weapons are destroyed and he is never allowed to hunt an innocent living being again in this life. Let’s hope he can put his family before his ego. Let’s hope he can learn the lesson.

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