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Running into Chaos? Of Course NOT... Help Desk is Here!

The Help Desk manager always knows that the secret is to “keep the network running smoothly"

Providing support to global, regional or local staff can be an exciting adventure, it doesn't matter if done in-house or as an outsourcing service, Help Desk is the hero of the day. Actually, an unknown hero, because it can be one of the less noticed activities, one often taken for granted.

"The network will always be up and running...", they say. "If I ever have trouble with my laptop or any other device, the guys from Help Desk will handle it in a matter of seconds...", they say.

But making these statements true may sometimes be kind of challenging. What do 'the guys from help desk' do and need to make all this true? Continue reading, here I have an expert sharing his Tips about the Help Desk Best Practices.

Whether you are an IT Service Provider or the Help Desk manager in a company, you know that the secret is to "keep the network running smoothly". This includes "EVERY" existing hardware and software asset. While it is impossible to have all of them 100% operational all the time, it is possible to be prepared when issues arise making sure the impact in the business operation is non-existent or a least minimal.

Mark Charleton from Blue Solutions knows about this! He explained that the key to arrive at this optimal status is a combination of monitoring and reporting which can only be provided by the correct RMM tool.

Mark also stated that monitoring and reporting includes five key activities that are explained below:

  • People - All the tasks, roles, and responsibilities (the Help Desk Manager, the Analysts, as well as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level support groups) must be perfectly defined and assigned to specific experienced personnel providing the skills needed to achieve the expected results.

  • Processes - It is key to define the core day-to-day activities of Help Desk personnel. The maturity and consistency of the processes and their execution would define the Help Desk performance and results.

  • Products - It is fundamental to have the correct technical tools; this applies to both the Help Desk and the remote monitoring that helps getting the optimal performance to prevent any kind of incidents. A tool like LabTech is able to give all the needed features and also generates the reports that help measuring the results and needs of the network's activities and the Help Desk service.

  • Partners - internal and external suppliers that your organization relies on to provide the software tools, as well as to run or staff the Help Desk, and also to handle incidents and to provision requests that are dispatched and managed by the Help Desk and the Network Management.

  • Performance - the value provided by the Help Desk to the organization. Standards for timeliness, cost, and end user satisfaction.

John Timko, Marketing Director in LabTech Software and he has a wide knowledge of the benefits that a Help Desk provides to any kind and size of organization from the business point of view; which go far beyond the internal ones.

He explained that as a business user of the network, he and his team consider the IT stuff as the light switch at his office's door. He pushes it and the lights turn on immediately, he isn't expected to do anything else. Same way the business staffs assume that they turn on their laptops and they work seamlessly. If thy don't chaos starts, since this impacts the company's business operation at once therefore, the 'bring the income' activities suffer and become slower.

"The Help Desk is the safe guard that takes us all out of the operational chaos!", said Timko.

And he is right!

The Help Desk seamless operation guaranties the smooth network performance, allowing the company's management and operational areas to run the business and achieve the profit and competitiveness goals. Thus having an efficient Help Desk using the correct technological tools and with the correct processes helps to improve the whole organization productivity, efficiency and competitiveness.

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Monica Paul is a marketer and web developer with 20 years experience in local, regional, and global marketing strategies. In 2001, after eight years working as an employee for several IT companies such as Micrografx and Visio; Monica founded Marcomtec, a division of Magic Masterminds LLC, a marketing firm providing strategy and content services, as well as marketing campaigns in English and Spanish. In 2013 Monica launched Magic MasterMinds (www.magicmasterminds.com), a publishing platform to help writers all over the world to publish and market their books.