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From Best Seller to Collection

Telling the Story of a Book

Back in 2010, D.J. Swykert published his thriller novel "Children of the Enemy", he never knew the kind of events this would bring to his life. Since the beginning, this book got the thriller fans attention; a review in Amazon describes it as "not recommended for children under 16 or weak of stomach or heart". It is true, the author uses foul language; he describes abuse and deals with drugs in detail. Certainly this story shows the reality of the drugs industry in Detroit. D.J. Swykert was a cop, this explains it all, he definitely knows.

In 2012, D.J. Swykert published the second edition of his novel, as an ebook, it almost immediately became a best seller, and stayed in the 10 top best sellers for the next seven weeks continuously, then a new printed edition came to the market, and again, sales and reviews popped always talking about the incredible narrative from the author. It is definitely one of those books that once the reader starts reading, just can't be put aside.

A couple of first editions of this book can be still found in Amazon, used ones of course. What becomes intriguing is their price. $347.73 and $524.97 each for a first edition of D.J. Swykert's "Children of the Enemy." (http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/1453712402/ref=sr_1_1_olp?ie=UTF8&qid=1355005585&sr=8-1&keywords=children+of+the+enemy+dj+swykert&condition=used). Collection ones? A new second edition can be purchased for nearly $19.

I felt so curious about this book phenomenon that I couldn't do other thing but contact him and interview him. First thing I found out is that he is a natural storyteller, one of this persons who have a lot of stories to tell. "I think I inherited this from my grandfather. He used to tell me a lot of stories, and I loved it." Explained D.J. He explained that he never set out to be a writer, but life guided him through this way.

D.J. explained us that his experiences in life definitely had been a fundamental factor in the development of the story; he punctually stated: "I worked in logistics and law enforcement and I've met a lot of different people. I use a compilation of personality traits of several to compile a character. I then place my character into a situation and resolve the situation. The conflicts are fictitious, but portions might be drawn on similar events I've encountered in my life."

D.J. wanted to write a story with a reluctant hero who struggles to redeem his past mistakes. With his unique style and captivating our attention he told us that he saw a man who ran a salvage yard, which could also be called a junkyard. He described how this man was sitting on a chair outside of a house trailer, smoking a cigarette, with these virtual mountains of scrap metal pieces and junk appliances surrounding him. Looking like someone who had been around the block a few times and that way the image of this man became the character Ray in ‘Children of the Enemy'.

The story itself is definitely fascinating; this explains the ebook best seller position in the Omnilit website for seven weeks, considering that it would be there longer if D.J. hadn't given the rights to another publisher for the second printed edition. Action the shifted an offer of these two copies with ‘collection' prices. We did some searches in Amazon, but we couldn't find another book selling as a collectible this way. This definitely appoints ‘Children of the Enemy' as a unique book with some kind of guardian angel taking it to the right people to be read.

I am not going to tell you the ending, I am just going to tell you that I read from the beginning to the en in just 3 days; I experienced 36 chapters living in this drug and cruelty world. It was astonished by the edgy-graphic described violence, from the beginning to the end that made this crime story realistic. It was easy to understand the characters psychology, a drug dealer, a cop, the savage criminal, a reporter trying to get his Pulitzer story; an innocent girl and her mother cruelly murdered. All these characters together; and a plot when a war starts because a drug dealer decided to steal the drugs from the boss.

‘Children of the Enemy' definitely doesn't need much marketing to become a best seller again, it is one of the most vivid and best stories I have read; and it seems it is becoming a collectible. We asked D.J. about a third edition, here his response. "I would definitely try to have a third edition if I see that people want it. I may have the right publishing house interested by then."

Does this mean that my second edition will become also a collective? Does the first edition would raise its price to the one thousand dollars?

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Monica Paul is a marketer and web developer with 20 years experience in local, regional, and global marketing strategies. In 2001, after eight years working as an employee for several IT companies such as Micrografx and Visio; Monica founded Marcomtec, a division of Magic Masterminds LLC, a marketing firm providing strategy and content services, as well as marketing campaigns in English and Spanish. In 2013 Monica launched Magic MasterMinds (www.magicmasterminds.com), a publishing platform to help writers all over the world to publish and market their books.